Zak Bagans: Revisiting the Demon House

A Reappraisal of 2018’s Chilling Paranormal Documentary

Zak Bagans inside the Demon House

Cursed from the start?

Bagans spoke about experiencing nightmares before and during filming, as well as becoming bed-ridden with an illness for over a week after taking on the documentary project. Several of his crew quit during filming and experts who took part in the show ended up in hospital. These types of things are often left to the realm of urban legend, and yet they happened. They were real; they were documented. Were these bad omens? Was something perhaps trying to stop the show from going ahead? It seemed so, because what eventually transpired during Bagans time filming the Demon House documentary would make him and his team question everything they thought they knew about hauntings, the demonic and possession.

The house behind the headlines
Demon House — the stuff of nightmares

The documentary that he ended up releasing was highly praised by many in the paranormal field and critics, with Steve Barton of Dread Central claiming the film was one of the “single most compelling documentaries on the existence of the supernatural that I’ve ever witnessed.”


Trailer for the documentary



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